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Founder and Chef

Martin Hoellrigl cooked for Julia Child, pope John Paul II, Tonino Lamborghini, and many other prominent diners in the past. The native Austrian holds a degree in tourism management, a chef apprenticeship, a sommelier and vintner diploma, and several hospitality certificates from Cornell University.

The raving guest reviews for Capitola Garden Feast today are a direct result of his extensive experience working with some of the most respected hospitality leaders in the world. The list includes the Palace Hôtel Bristol Paris, which was awarded Best Hotel In The World and Best Hotel Restaurant In The World by Michelin guide. 

Capitola Garden Feast LLC is a luxury hospitality service local to Silicon Valley and the greater vicinity of the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a company created in response to an increasing need for better services within the luxury hospitality industry. It specializes in offering experiences of exceptional quality.


Martin Hoellrigl and his team create enduring value by personalization and by focusing on important detail. Our support is delivered with deeply instilled ethics of personal service and world class relationship hospitality.

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Event Planning Services

Pull your event together effortlessly with certified expert assistance from Jennifer

We work behind the scenes to support all involved parties and make sure each segment is handled timely, and as planned. Our simplified, smart solutions make it easy for Event Hosts to show up and show off — with no surprises. The result? A flawless and smooth event just the way you have envisioned it.

Our job is to exceed expectations. From small family celebrations with 6 guests to larger events of 100+ guests - lean on the integrated, full-service solutions of our experienced event management.

Birthday Meals

Dazzle your special someone with a delicious meal cooked just for you.

Wedding Services

Take your next party up a notch with an incredible private dining experience.

Cooking Classes

Enjoy incredible hors d'oeuvres and an unforgettable meal on your special day.

Loved by our customers

See the raving reviews of Capitola Garden Feast

“Such a fun team building event! Martin used hands-on cooking in a masterful way to promote collaboration and team spirit. His instruction was inclusive and supportive and gave everyone the confidence to try something new - we even have a few new budding chefs! It was truly a pleasure to work with someone who aligned with our values and who brought humor and positivity to every step of the process!”

C. Fletch

Santa Clara

“Martin was engaging and entertaining!...I was impressed with the homemade cheese he served, and knowledge of the ingredients he was using. There were some really interesting touches and flavor combinations I hadn't experienced before.
The service was presented like an upscale restaurant. This was the first time this group had experienced a personal chef, and I'm happy it was a great first experience for them!”

Brian H.


“OMG! Martin is the best! My wife and I hired him to cook us a special meal for our 2nd wedding anniversary and he went above and beyond. Every dish he prepared was literally one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life. He has a true gift. On top of cooking amazing food, his ability to serve and create an ambiance was outstanding. I can't say enough good things about him. If you're looking to hire the best - Martin is your guy.”

Payman F.

San Jose


Dining experiences so good they made it to the news

Modern Luxury Silicon Valley

3 Best Virtual Cooking Classes by Bay Area Chefs

"Chef Martin Hoellrigl of Capitola Garden Feast creates team building and family bonding events through virtual cooking classes from a Capitola-based kitchen—a favorite among many Silicon Valley residents."


Martin Hoellrigl Brings Team Bonding Events to Local Families

"Born in Innsbruck, Austria, he earned a hospitality degree from the Tourism Fachschule Absam College in Austria. A Sommelier diploma came from several educational facilities throughout Europe, including Cornell University and the Hilton SHINE program in United Emirates, Kuwait, and Egypt. He became Chef of the Year in Austria, winning several awards for his food. “I cooked for many celebrities in Austria, Germany, France, Southern California, and the SF Bay Area.”

Edible Monterey

Edible Cured Salmon

"Growing up at 9,000 feet elevation in the Austrian Alps, salmon was a rare treat. Fresh salmon had to be imported to the lands where rivers and lakes froze in winter. Only the fanciest restaurants had saltwater fish on their menus."

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