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For your anniversary let it be opera!

Inspired by Giuseppe Verdi’s Opera "La Traviata," this culinary composition emerges you in one of the most famous love stories in the world. La Traviata is set to an Italian libretto by Francesco Maria Piave and is among the most frequently performed of all operas. This indulgence is perfect for an anniversary dinner or simply just a romantic night in. The menu and experience speak of the dolce vita, passion, and the zest of life.

What to expect at your event


Enjoy opera music in the background of your meal


Photographs throughout the event will be taken for you as a keepsake


Create a bigger occasion with up to 12 people for the event

A Tasting Menu inspired by Giuseppe Verdi’s Opera "La Traviata"
The salon in Violetta’s house

Wild sage cured lamb leg prosciutto with ground cumin, candied figs, and a hundred-year-old balsamic vinegar from Modena

Let’s Drink From The Joyful Cups

Golden delicious apple cucumber gazpacho, red beet pomegranate gazpacho, champagne vinegar cured langoustines and diver scallops, served with jasmine infused Lamborghini Oro Vino Spumante

Violetta’s Country House Outside Paris

Foie Gras “Au Torchon” with Banyuls wine, cardamom, pink grapefruit compote, thinly shaved 12 months aged duck breast charcuterie, and a salad of winter radish sprouts

Love me Alfredo, Love Me The Way You Do

A heart shaped steamed salmon soufflé dressed in butter lettuce, saffron and mascarpone Alfredo sauce, Beluga sturgeon caviar, and melted cherry tomatoes

Party At Flora’s House

Fresh made Tortellini with white Alba winter truffle, homemade ricotta cheese, and eggs from our hens, served over warm basil beef carpaccio

The Gypsy Girls From Afar

Stuffed whole cooked rabbit saddle with baby artichokes, bay leaf scented sweetbreads, sun dried tomatoes and green beans over a turnip puree with lavender and rosemary infused demi-glace

Violetta’s Bedroom

Piedmont beef tenderloin baked in puff pastry, fire roasted green asparagus, and eggplant and leek Ciambotta

Farewell Lovely Dreams Of The Past

Torta di Tagliatelle with almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, Amaretto almond liqueur, orange, marzipan Zabaglione, and shaved Criollo chocolate

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