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Indulge in an artfully curated 8-course Tasting Menu, prepared and served in the comfort of your home

Expect all the benefits of a fine dining experience and more without having to go to a restaurant. This private birthday dinner service offers a luxury 8-course Tasting Menu that can be customized to fit everyone's food preferences. Capitola Garden Feast takes pride in fulfilling any dietary requests from gluten-free to vegan and transforms your restriction into a party on your palate.

Customized menus

We'll collaborate with you to craft a menu tailored to your palate, including  dietary needs, or specific ingredients.

High-quality ingredients

We use locally-sourced and seasonal ingredients to make sure your guests eat fresh and healthy.

Attention to detail

We make sure each dish is cooked to perfection and presented in an aesthetically-pleasing manner.

Stress-free experience

We take care of planning, shopping, preparation, and even cleanup so you can enjoy your special day.

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Your birthday dinner deserves the best there is

Meet founder and chef Martin Hoellrigl

The raving guest reviews for Capitola Garden Feast today are a direct result of his extensive experience working with some of the most respected hospitality leaders in the world. The list includes the Palace Hôtel Bristol Paris, which was awarded Best Hotel In The World and Best Hotel Restaurant In The World by Michelin guide.

How it works

Select birthday dinner when booking with us online.
Chef Martin will reach out to you to decide on your personalized menu for your meal.
Relax as your birthday approaches knowing that the food is taken care of.
Welcome our team on the day of your birthday dinner.
Enjoy your delicious meal with your guests without worrying about a thing.

Travel Tasting Menu

Choose any eight culinary destinations in the world and Capitola Garden Feast will create your own personal Travel Tasting Menu starting at $125 per person

Liguria - Provence Travel Tasting Menu Example


A duet of wild boar prosciutto with garden mustard and duck breast Lomo with porcini


Three deviled quail eggs, home-cured lemon anchovy, and generosity with sturgeon caviar

Monte Carlo

Fire roasted eggplant Baba Ghanoush with caramelized onions, Coeur di Bue confit tomatoes, mixed olives, beetroot and celeriac chips, and duck leg confit


La Bouillabaisse with lobster and shrimp, snapper and bass, and mussels and clams, served with saffron Rouille and garlic sourdough croutons

San Remo

Lump crab and Arboria Arancini with Picadillo peppers, pesto, and hundred years old Balsamico


Socca Torte with fine herbs, Coeur di Bue confit tomatoes, rosemary Pistou lamb carpaccio, and roasted garlic yogurt

San Tropez

Foie Gras stuffed diver scallops with crispy artichoke hearts and crawfish fava bean butter

Le Grau-du-Roi

In Sauternes abayon baked Roquefort with pear chips, caramelized hazelnuts, and cocoa nibs


A taste of the Hawaiian Islands

Explore 8 iconic destinations of Hawaiian cuisine with our exclusive tasting menu

San Francisco Tasting Menu

Taste your way through this 8 course menu inspired by the beautiful city and San Francisco

Bluefin Tuna

Bluefin tuna crudo, microgreens, wasabi dressing, key lime sorbet

Macadamia Crème Soup

Smoked green peas with oxtail and a Hudson Valley foie gras tortellini

Tiramisu Charlotte

Mascarpone, coffee, and cacao Charlotte with Kona coffee and freshly made Tonka bean ice cream

Oyster Shooter

Three Kumamoto Oysters in a yellow tomato gazpacho shooter with champagne vinegar

Truffle Salad

A warm salad of white Alba and black Perigord truffles, with chanterelles, morels, lion’s mane mushrooms, and porcini on a truffled Loroco flower risotto


Sea urchin in the shell with Beluga caviar whipped cream, and Meyer lemon zest


Panko crusted Chilean seabass in a green apple and cucumber espuma with caramelized oatmeal cookie croutons

Crab Trilogy

Stone crab, king crab, and snow crab steamed Dim Sum with their three sauces

Lobster And Steak

Prime Angus beef tenderloin and a California spiny lobster tail, Yukon Anna potatoes,

and a barbequed artichoke Ratatouille

Special Seasonal Menus

Enjoy our Seasonal Menus that are crafted and curated for any occasion. Try any of Capitola Garden Feast's seasonal menus from the comfort of your own home.

When booking, ask about our seasonal menus such as the Spring Tasting Menu or the Summer Tasting Menu. We offer our Travel Tasting Menu and our Opera Tasting Menu all year round.

Book your birthday dinner

Get started on planning and preparing your special birthday dinner cooked exclusively for you and your guests.

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