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Bridal Shower

The Gift Of Love Luncheon

Shower Your Guests with Gratitude

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What we offer you:

Originated in the Netherlands, this tradition is a great opportunity to invite your closest friends and family to celebrate your life union with positive energy and abundant love. Put out in the universe a vibration of attracting and celebrating the positive gifts life has to offer. Invite your guests to indulge in an almost ceremonial dinner experience. Between 10-25 guests.

Customizable And Seasonal Bridal Shower Menu
Sea Urchin Gonads

The courage to step outside our comfort zone and experience something better. We serve our Uni with Beluga caviar whipped cream in its shell over dry and then wet ice

Showered In Love

Champagne vinegar showered micro lettuces, pea and beet shoots, and white Oregon truffles

Touch The Heart

Dim Sum means “Touch The Heart” in Chinese, we take the time to do just this

Treasure in A Pouch

A Crepe filled with vegetable coins and pearls, tied with chive, and served with a cheesy Mornay sauce

Color to my eyes, Music to my ears, Flowers to my nose, Rice in my mouth

Carnaroli saffron risotto with crayfish tails and young salted sunflower pedals

Laced And Impearled

Japanese cheesecake and angel cake layered with raspberry compote and pistachio marzipan Princess Cake

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