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Engagement Party

Announce your wedding

Invite Your Friends and Family to a Cocktail Party at Your House

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What we offer you:

The couple might decide to announce the engagement at this party or propose at this party and surprise the bride or groom to be along with everyone else! To maximize the surprise factor, we will need to concoct a good excuse for such a party. Part of the delight of a unique engagement party is that Capitola Garden Feast works with the host with lots of room for inventiveness and creative solutions. Some of our engagement parties are very formal. We will do what it takes to execute a solid plan for your food and beverages.

Tray-Passed Meal Example
Wild mushroom empanadas

with chanterelles, porcini, and morels, served with Chimichurri

Provencal Vol-au-Vent

with a zucchini artichoke ratatouille and a pan seared diver scallop

Salmon blinis

with crème fraiche, pickled bell peppers, home-smoked sockeye salmon and salmon roe

Rock shrimp Tortelli

with ricotta, parmesan, sage, and grilled rock shrimp

Arborio Arancini

with baby spinach, Carnaroli risotto, toasted pine nuts, and sweet and sour chili sauce

Mini bell peppers

with Wagyu beef, basmati rice, basil, and confit tomatoes

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