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Wedding Cocktail Reception

Sip On Cocktails While We Start Serving Dinner

Elegant Finger Foods For The First Six Courses Of Your Dinner

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What we offer you:

After pictures it’s time for a toast! We serve everyone a champagne cocktail, then we pass around steamed refreshment towels, and swiftly bring the first course of your 12-course dinner. Move around the reception and chat with your guests while we help you engage everyone with wedding energy, so you can shine and the event already flows beautifully from the start. Celebrate!

Customizable Mouth Amusers And Palate Pleasers
Caviar Heart

Heart-shaped white bread toast with sturgeon caviar and a sunny side quail egg

Crab Roll

Lump crab, seaweed, Tamari sauce

Oyster shooter

Kumamoto oysters served in a long stem shot glass with green apple and cucumber gazpacho

Salmon soufflé praline

with edible flowers from our garden and dill

Camembert Brioche

Toasted with green tomato marmalade

Prosciutto Tartine

Prosciutto on our grilled rye bread with truffle tapenade

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