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Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Break The Ice When You’re On Fire

A Hands-On And Interactive Fun Cooking Class To Unite The Families

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What we offer you:

In this experience, chef Martin is your living recipe book and Sous chef, and no cooking experience is required. Get your whole wedding party immersed in the fun of cooking a themed dinner together, and
then serve it family style. Let’s create a multi-course meal that connects the two cultures of your new
family. Between 10-25 guests.

Customizable And Seasonal Example Menu
Coupling of red and yellow bell pepper gazpachos

with a bouquet of baby lettuces, Bachelor’s Button, Borage, and fennel greens

Twosome of Ahi tuna and Hamachi poke

with black sesame Furikake, and wasabi Labne

Duet of artisan duck breast and wild boar charcuterie

on grilled rye bread with homemade mustard and cornichon

Marriage of endives and radicchio

With pecan nuts, Balsamico, dark chocolate, and maple glazed bacon

Double soup of red and golden beets

with caraway, saffron, and malt beer drizzle

Tandem of salmon roulades and chicken saltimbocca

with a Provencal socca cake, and sweet garlic cream

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