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Private Dining Experiences

In Silicon Valley Homes and Gardens


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Executive Teambuilding & Bonding Events

Our hands-on cooking events inspire creativity, collaboration, improving communication, and building trust.  It's just simply a different way to connect and bond outside of the usual. Each event includes up to 8 talent optimization assessments by using the world's leading team building software, The Predictive Index, upon request.

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Interactive Family Experiences

Instead of being served a restaurant meal, why don't you cook your own multi-course dinner with the family and friends? Just at home. It's so fun! You don't need to know anything about cooking, and you'll be surprised how good it feels to create a delicious meal just with the help of a celebrity chef in your own kitchen. Martin is your living recipe. Success guaranteed.

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Private Chef

Let chef Martin compose your personal tasting menu from 4 - 12 courses.  It's the best option for your birthday party. Or use it for any of the other communal family feasts because it knocks out the hassle of going to a restaurant and being "just another table number." Save yourself from having to hire a babysitter, obliging to a dress code, or waiting in line for valet service. 

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Boutique Weddings

Have your small wedding up to 50 guests in a private garden! 


Witness a better approach to food and service quality.  The exclusively organic and highest quality eight-course wedding meal can perfectly deliver the zest you expect. 


We assist not only with custom curated wedding food, but we know exactly what it takes because of our extensive experience with over 500 facilitated weddings.

Gift Certificates

We currently offer gift certificates for $500, $1,000, $10,000, and $50,000 experiences. We also donate gift certificates to fundraisers.


Or surprise your love with our seasonal

"$5,000 Romantic Dinner For Two"

for the occasion of your anniversary or engagement? We would set this up in the privacy of your home with live musicians, photographer, a personal waiter for each guest, and a loving statement of the culinary art in a meal.

Hands-On Parties for All Ages


Hi friends!


We use a similar approach as Montessori in showing you the fun in cooking. We inspire with the passion and fulfillment cooking gives.


Engage yourself and your friends in cooking your own birthday meal at your fun birthday party at home!


We guide you through making your own favorite dishes.

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Capitola Garden Feast

25 years of award-winning hospitality

Capitola Garden Feast LLC is a luxury hospitality service local to Silicon Valley and the greater vicinity of the San Francisco Bay Area. It’s a company created in response to an increasing need for better services within the luxury hospitality industry. It specializes in offering experiences of exceptional quality. We create enduring value by personalization and by focusing on important detail. Our support is delivered with deeply instilled ethics of personal service and world class relationship hospitality.

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Reviews & Testimonials

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Birthdays and Anniversaries

“I hired Martin and his crew for my wife's 40th bday dinner, Martin...

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"The service was presented like an upscale...

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“What an amazing experience! Martin helped plan my executive...

Team Building Santa Cruz Cooking Class M

Cooking Class / Public Events

“What an amazing afternoon! Martin took us on...

Corporate Group / Teambuilding

Personal Chef

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