In-Home Chef Experience

Culinary Art That Expresses Your Lifestyle

Private dining experiences allow you and your guests to savor skillfully crafted food from a renowned chef. The unique environment and delicious food created through careful planning are guaranteed to express your authentic lifestyle. The home chef experience is not dining at a fancy restaurant; it’s culinary art specially prepared to express your lifestyle.

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The Art of Dining

Our Food Philosophy

We don’t just make food. We create experiences and life-long memories. Our personalization, creativity, and unyielding artistry showcase our talents as culinary artists. We never compromise on fresh ingredients, exceptional service, and flavorful food, guaranteeing unparalleled elevated dining experiences every time.

Fresh Ingredients

Where We Source The Ingredients

Quality and seasonal ingredients are at our core and reflect our local food philosophy. We always use organic, open-pasture ingredients and permaculture-grown produce when creating dishes to ensure your guests eat fresh and healthy meals. We believe using the best ingredients in California will give your guests an unforgettable dining experience of foods they have never tasted before.

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Personalized Hospitality

Creating Memorable Experiences

At Capitola Garden Feast, we strive to create lifelong memories deeply rooted in the hearts of our guests, bolstered by strength in personalization, attention to detail, ethics, and aesthetics. We give your guests our undivided attention and ensure they receive world-class service. Our unmatched hospitality and thorough cleanup leave you the time to relax, entertain, and be present with your guests.

Line art of a hand holding a ladle over a pot, offering the services of a Private Chef for Hire.


From the ingredients in our food to the table decorations, we ensure every detail is perfect for your special dining occasion.

An icon of a bowl of food featuring an In-Home Chef Experience.


We cook, plate, and serve with style and color. The flavors in our dishes are exciting and will leave your guests asking for more.

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We diligently curate your event’s decoration aesthetic and flavorful food menu to reflect your individual personality.

Let’s Create an Unforgettable Experience

Reach out today to discuss your vision for your next private event. We’ll refine the concept together and shape a curated culinary experience your guests will remember.