• Martin Hoellrigl

Flowers for the Holidays

Did you know?

If you cut some branches off an apple tree or other fruit tree on December 6th, it will blossom on December 25th!

For best results, place your branches in the freezer for a night, then soak them in warm water for another night so the plant thinks it was winter, then spring.

Hit the end of the branches with a hammer a bit so it's easier for it to absorb the warm water. Change the water twice a week.

Regardless, if you book an event with Capitola Garden Feast at least 3 weeks in advance, we will bring some fruit flowers for your event tables throughout the holidays and the colder winter season!

Seasonality is important, however, because we are not completely limited by the temperatures and weather of the winter months in coastal Capitola, we are able to grow some vegetables in our greenhouses throughout the year.

Happy Holidays And All The Very Best to you and your family for 2020 and of course for all the years thereafter!


Martin Hoellrigl

CEO and Founder

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