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Your next dinner party needs a private chef

Make your next dinner event easy and memorable with our customized options for delicious multi-course meals.

What kind of dinner party are you hosting?


Get more than just a caterer for your special day


For your anniversary let it be opera!


Learn to make fresh pasta and cook a 6-course meal for your group of 6+ persons


The perfect experience for any group to enjoy cooking together

How a private chef can make your gathering unforgettable

Enjoy the finest local ingredients without any shopping

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Turn your meal into a luxury experience without leaving home

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White-glove service and cleanup leaves you the time to relax and entertain your guests

How it works

Book your event for our chef-curated seasonal menu using our booking calendar

Connect with the chef to lock down the finer details of your gathering

Relax knowing you don't have to worry about food or drinks for your event

Welcome the chef and his team shortly before welcoming your guests

Enjoy the delicious 8-course meal served by the chef and staff

Return to a spotless kitchen and dining space after saying goodbye to the chef and your guests

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Imagine the occasion you can enjoy while a personal chef handles the rest

Elevate any event into a breathtaking experience with delicious, luxury food. These meals can be customized to ensure you will enjoy every dish prepared just for you.

Custom curated meals starting at $125/person

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