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Post-Wedding Brunch

Extra Time With Family

Extend Your Wedding With A Brunch Celebration

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What we offer you:

Our post-wedding brunch is a great way for couples to extend the celebration and spend extra time with guests and family before they head home. You have the creative freedom to play with everything, including the post-wedding brunch invitations, dress code, and the menu. Include a Mimosa, Greyhound and Bloody Mary station or let us create your personal and unique event highlight for the last impression on the wedding.

Customizable And Seasonal Example Brunch
Charcuteries Board

Juniper duck breast, Mangalitsa pork loin, jambon de Bayonne, prosciutto, saucissons secs

Artisan Cheese Platter

Saffron Camembert, Parmesan style wedge, mild semi hard Holstein style cheese, sheep Manchego, cow blue cheese, Brie, Gruyere, cream cheese

Brunch A La Carte

Cold smoked graved salmon with dill, cold smoked trout, sliced vegetable crudités, mixed pickles, giant capers, green olives, deviled eggs with bacon and chives, garden lettuce with edible flowers


Chicken broth with Shiro miso and wakame seaweed, Basmati rice with sunflower seeds, grilled bacon wrapped chicken tenders with sage, roasted swordfish in saffron Yuzu sauce, roasted broccolini


French crepes with Nutella and various fruits, Greek yoghurt, Swiss granola and muesli, berries, grapes, apples, pears, nuts, manuka honey, strawberry jam, raspberry preserve


Home baked breads, crackers, bagels, Viennoiseries, beignets, crispy bread sticks, and muffins

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